Pottery Classes

Pottery classes HRM/Eastern shore
386 causeway rd.
Seaforth ns.

My studio is located overlooking Three Fathom Harbour, a great Place to get inspired.


 Due to the Covid-19 virus, all classes have been paused.

 *Wheel Rentals and firing will be available for people that have taken at least 2 sessions of pottery classes.

Equipment and tools will be sanitized before and after each rental.

-Please Contact me by email, facebook or instagram for dates and pickup.


2 week take home wheel rental $200+tax and $150 damage deposit

(everything must be returned clean and undamaged please )


- 1 electric pottery wheel

- 1 bag of clay ( your choice of,

Tucker`s Mid smooth stone

Tucker`s Mid speck

Tucker`s CCSS

Tucker`s bright white

Laguna Miller 50

PSH 390

PSH black

- 7 tools and 4 bats

- wedging board

- 1 stool

- 1 shelf of bisque firing 

Things you will need from home are, Bowl for water, flathead screwdriver to take off bats, plastic to wrap up your projects, and a wood or drywall board to store your porjects while you are working on them. 


Firing rates; cone 04 and 6

Cone 6 clay only

- One 21" shelf up to 2 1/2"   $13+tax

- One 21" shelf up to 6"          $25+tax

- 1/2 kiln load up to 11"           $45+tax

- full kiln load                         $90+tax


Clay, Please ask for a quote as I have many different types


In-studio glazing by appointment only

-The glaze room will be available to a single student @ $10 per hour by appointment.

(this does not include firing)

-Students must wear a mask and wash hands frequently.