About Seastar Pottery

My inspiration

I have always loved the ocean and it's many creatures, but a trip to Staniel key in the Bahamas changed everything for me. It was my first time snorkeling in such clear and beautiful waters and was truly inspiring. The vibrant colors of starfish and the way the seaweed and sea-fans sway in the water was just fascinating to me.I was hooked and now enjoy making these things come alive on my work. I still love to go out and snorkel  here in Nova Scotia to watch life under the sea.

Clay has always been a passion of mine, even as a child I was always exited to get a new package of clay to play with, and sometimes I would make things with dough in my dad's bakery.
 Most of my work is in functional stoneware. I like the idea of serving food in a beautiful vessel. I feel it makes the dining experience much more enjoyable. 
I also create “belly bowls” for expecting mothers ,and have been known to play a little with Raku.
 Much of my work is inspired by the sea. My studio overlooks Three Fathom Harbour where I take many walks along the shoreline and get much of my inspiration. Driftwood, seaweed, starfish, jellyfish and other sea creatures can be found on many of the pots I make.