Belly Bowls

The belly bowl is a ceramic bowl created from a pregnant belly around the third trimester of pregnancy. Every bowl has its own unique one of a kind shape.  A bowl is such a beautiful, inviting and comforting shape and is the perfect way to celebrate this special time in life. A great way to commemorate your own pregnancy or a unique baby shower gift for a friend or family member.

The process?

A cast is made from the belly with medical grade plaster bandaging to create the cast.

Arrangements for casting can be made by contacting me at or 1-902-827-3747

Once the cast is made,  I hanbuild  the bowl and throw a foot on the wheel to give the belly bowl lift.

You pick out glaze and design… the possibilities are endless!!

The bowl will then go trough a busque firing, get glazed ang go trough its final firing.

And voila, your bowl is ready.

The cost from start to finnish $325 plus tax